Why Breast Love?

Why Breast Love?

Our breasts are vulnerable. They need love. They need us to understand what they are, how they work and how they are impacted by our environment and our lifestyles. When we show up for them they have the beautiful gift of 
self-connection they are waiting to share with us. Breast Love is here to show the way to make a connection with yourself by taking care of your breasts!
Welcome! This is the home of Breast Love, the movement to help create a conversation of health and empowerment around breasts! As women, we usually start our relationship with our breasts in a very awkward manner, am I right? We were playing as a little girl one day, and the next day our nipples look totally different and the breasts are on their way. Our hormones are shifting and changing and unleasing in us feelings and emotions so much bigger than we have words to explain. Then we spend several years seeing messages that tell us they are too big, too small, not the right shape, etc. They garner us unwanted attention, get in the way during activities like sports, and they cause our clothes to fit differently. We may move on to positive experiences with our breasts during sex, or maybe they make you proud as you feed your baby. Maybe you are one of the women who doesn’t even enjoy a positive experience during those times. This sounds pretty bleak, and for many women it is. Each day we shove them into garments designed to push up, minimize, maximize or several other adjectives that prove they aren’t good enough the way they areThis may not be entirely your story, but elements might be in your story.   

I developed average B cups around the time I was expected to, they never got in the way, they weren’t quite as perky as they were “supposed” to be, but they weren’t horrible. They provided more pleasure to my husband than myself, during sex…then came breastfeeding.  For my breasts, this was their shining moment.  By then, since my first child when I was 35, they were far below perky, but they could produce some serious milk and my daughters were all about that!  My oldest nursed, easily, my second took a little longer to get in a groove but hung on for much longer than her sister did, being weaned by me long after an age I would have believed I would have been nursing her. I now have size DD cups that are considered “relaxed”. 

I honestly didn't think much of them, until my friends started getting breast cancer and the conversations swirling around me were about fear.  I had one very body positive friend, who declared proudly on more than one occasion, in various settings, that she loved her boobs! Then she found a tiny lump. During a conversation of encouragement at some point in her treatment, the subject turned to her love of her breasts, to which she replied: “That was before they tried to kill me”.

Our breasts are the canaries in the coal mine, they are showing us that things are not okay. Our world is not well, and our health is often in a very fragile state. I for one am not willing to let that be the future. I have healthy breasts and I want to do my best to keep them healthy, just like I do for the rest of me AND if things shift and my breasts have struggles I want to have the kind of relationship with them that will let me trust them. I want to feel empowered to know my options in a way I wasn't equipped before I started this Breast Love journey. 

The confusion, fear, betrayal and lack of understanding I and my friends felt, led me to research what my breasts even were, what they are made of, and what systems of the body effect them and are affected by them! My awareness has changed my breast relationship from being largely indifferent, to really love them! I’m here to share Breast Love with you!

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Amy Ouellette! I empower women who want to keep healthy breasts healthy and want to have a better connection with themselves. I help them explore the breast love habits they can begin today, while making it feel easy and fun.

I've got a BA in Psychology with 6 years of experience in the wellness field and I am an essential oil educator. When I'm not teaching about breast love and essential oils, I can be found coaching women who are creating business that change lives and improve their communities.  In my joy time, I love to soak up sunsets somewhere in the seacoast of NH in my travel hammock, making glass beads in my home studio and going on adventures with my husband and 2 daughters.

Here are a few things you probably don't know about me. Brainstorming and generating ideas is my jam, even if I never use any of them! Our family has a pet cow and I love the ocean, just being near water calms all the cells in my body!

Let me share with you what I'm most passionate about right now by downloading my e-book, 5 Breast Love Habits You Can Start Right Now!